Time for reflection

If you, like myself, love peace and quiet and time for yourself, I suggest you try kayaking at sea in the early morning. With no timetables, to-do-lists or company. Top notch meditation. 

I’m so grateful to my father-in-law Tom Schröder for getting this red kayak some 20 years ago. I might not have asked, but I consider it’s mine these days. My red life-buoy out in the archipelago, throughout all hard times in life with eg. small children, health issues and other problems. I think this small kayak might even have saved our marriage, that has lasted 12 years today. Elsewhere eg. walking in the forrest or crosscountry skiing do the same thing.

A long lasting marriage has never been a top priority for me, happiness is instead the most important thing. We have only one life and marriage is not supposed to be a fight and struggle. At least not all the time. Money or status should not be the reason to stay in a bad relationship, not even the children, if you are unhappy yourself. 

I try to teach my kids not to be financially dependent on another person. Not even us parents. I hope they will get an education and make money on their own, in order to get through the day. That’s frankly all they need, because happiness will not be found in the wallet. Happiness is found in freedom. All the other good things are actually free – friends and family, meaningful work, nature and health.

Therefore I am so thankful for getting to share my life with someone who think (pretty much) alike. It’s good to sometimes get away, so you can appreciate what you have.

Tekijä: Marika Schröder

Ihotautilääkäri / Hudläkare


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